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Are you interested in a fish processing facility
for your community or region?

The following letter was emailed recently to every municipality in Newfoundland. I’m sharing for any communities/counsellors or unincorporated towns that may have missed it. Please share far and wide.

Hello ,


I’m writing as a proponent of the province’s newest fishery co-operative to formally introduce ourselves, and to inquire whether there would be local interest in a fish processing facility setting up in your community or region.


The Fisheries Protective Co-operative (FPC) was incorporated earlier this year to advance the interests of licensed, independent inshore enterprise owners — with a long-term plan of becoming self-sufficient in all aspects of seafood operation.

That goal obviously includes fish processing, and in that context we’re reaching out to all municipalities, in Newfoundland specifically, to gauge interest.


Ideally, the FPC is looking for existing infrastructure and wharf facilities in a community or region with a large enough population base to draw future workers. 

Our vision is a thriving fishing industry driven by prosperous fleets to the benefit of rural communities and future generations of harvesters.


Community support will be critical to realizing that vision. The FPC is open to any ideas you may have — big or small, inside or outside the box — for possible seafood partnerships involving any and all species.


Our immediate plan is to pinpoint a location for a processing facility, prepare an exhaustive business plan, and apply to the provincial government for processing licences for operation as soon as possible.


There is little doubt the traditional inshore fishery is under threat, and rural communities along with it, but by pooling our collective strengths I have no doubt we can become masters of our own fishing/rural destinies.


I can be reached anytime at this email address or via cell/text at 709 682 4862.

Alternatively, Merv Wiseman, another proponent behind the FPC, can be reached at or call/text 709 689 5735.




Ryan Cleary,

FPC organizer

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