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FPC Membership

To become a full member of the FPC an applicant must purchase a minimum of 25 shares at $20 a share, for a total of $500. See Membership eligibility further down this page, and in the draft BYLAWS on the menu bar above.


    Fisheries Protective Co-operative Newfoundland Labrador
    • FPC Membership
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FPC Membership

Membership is open to licensed, independent owner-operator inshore fish harvesters (including core and non-core enterprise owners), and others involved in the inshore fishery who subscribe to the FPC's beliefs, mandate, and objective. The minimum share purchase is one-time only, with the value redeemable upon request. See more details in the draft BYLAWS above on the menu bar.


The FPC operates on the one-member, one-vote Co-op principle.


The overall mandate of the FPC is to champion the fishing industry and enhance the economic and social interests of the owner-operator inshore harvesters, other fishery sector participants and communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. 


The FPC vision is a thriving fishing industry driven by prosperous fleets to the benefit of rural communities and future generations of harvesters.


Our mission is to empower members to collectively become masters of their fishing destiny by maximizing the economic potential of the seafood resources they harvest from the sea.


Our purpose is to protect and advance the economic interests of licensed independent inshore enterprise owners, and strengthen wild fisheries and rural economies on all coasts.


Our values include self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, transparency, fairness, equality, equity, and solidarity.


The FPC is bound by the seven co-operative principles: 1) voluntary and open membership; 2) democratic member control; 3) member economic participation; 4) autonomy and independence; 5) education, training, and Information; 6) co-operation among co-operatives; and 7) concern for community.

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